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Glass Movie Details | POPSUGAR Entertainment Latest News

By the time you reach the end of M. Night Shyamalan’s gripping thriller Split, a startling realization blooms. This is a film that connects to 2000’s Unbreakable in a fascinating and mind-blowing way. And the insanity doesn’t stop there. In April, Shyamalan announced that he is working on a third film in this universe that is aptly called Glass. In the time since, he’s revealed tons of other exciting details for us to munch on. Let’s rehash what we know.

The Concept

Shyamalan confirmed that the film is a sequel . . . to both Unbreakable and Split. He said his dream was to have both of these films “collide” in the final installment of the trilogy. Given the fact that it’s called Glass, we can bet that we’ll have some special emphasis on Samuel L. Jackson’s character Elijah Price, who is called “Mr. Glass” in Unbreakable. Of course, we’ll have “The Beast” (James McAvoy) and the indestructible David Dunn (Bruce Willis) to contend with as well. Sounds like things are going to be pretty explosive. For what it’s worth, he also referred to it as “a crazy comic book thriller” in a different statement. Damn.

The Cast

Shyamalan made some huge casting announcements of his own and even gave cryptic names to some of the characters involved. Of course he confirmed the return of Bruce Willis and the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson. He also teased the reemergence of “The Virtuoso” James McAvoy and listed all the personalities we saw in Split (plus a few we didn’t). He called Anya Taylor-Joy’s character, Casey Cooke, “The Prodigy” as he confirmed her inclusion as well. In a much more recent tweet, he also revealed that Sarah Paulson has joined the cast!

The Setting

Shyamalan spent a lot of time location scouting in Philadelphia, so we can count on seeing some pretty familiar Pennsylvania landmarks tucked away in the film. As for time, we imagine the film will take place not long after the events of Split.

Production Details

Glass will shoot for 39 days starting on Oct. 2, and all the major stars are flying in. With a 134-page script, we’re looking at a film that’s well over two hours. In September, he tweeted that his one big hope was to create a “small intricate film with a big idea at its center.” Sounds like Glass will have the intimacy and focus of Split but will still unspool into something greater and much more magnificent.

The Release Date

Glass will hit theaters on Jan. 18, 2019. Start counting the days now. We’ve got a ways to go.

Glass Movie Details | POPSUGAR Entertainment Latest News

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Glass Movie Details | POPSUGAR Entertainment Latest News


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