Miss BumBum 2017: Contestants dress in ‘beef-kinis’ Latest News


Miss BumBum 2017: Contestants dress in ‘beef-kinis’ Latest News

Five Miss Bumbum competitors posed to show solidarity with victims of sexual assault and harassment in the ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood.

They took part in a special photo shoot donning nothing more than 50kgs of prime beef steaks to make their mark.

Brazil’s contest to find the rear of the year kicked off in August with the finalists strutting their stuff in Sao Paulo.


STATEMENT: The women dressed in nothing but beef to make a point

One entrant from each of the country’s 27 states take part.

One contestant told Brazilian media outlets: “We are not just a piece of meat. We are blamed for being too sexy.

“And with Hollywood actresses, what was the excuse?”

“We are not just a piece of meat”


The costume design was inspired by singer Lady Gaga, who once stunned the MTV Music Video Awards audience by turning up in a dress made entirely of raw meat.

This year’s Miss Bumbum is to be held in San Pablo in November.

Organisers decided to take the contest upmarket and have banned bums bigger than 42 inches.


MODELS: The five women are taking part in this year’s Miss BumBum competition

Plastic surgery is allowed but not on the derriere, with some candidates providing X-rays to prove they are all natural.

And unsurprisingly for such a bottom-obsessed country, more than 17 million people are expected to cast a vote.

The winner will become an overnight celebrity, land a photoshoot for a magazine and a cash prize.

They can go on to earn millions in modelling and endorsements.

Last year’s champ Erika Canela – who boasts a 42-inch behind – scooped £18,000 and a modelling contract as she became the first black woman to win.

She has since marked her triumph by getting a tattoo of Donald Trump after winning the title on the same day as he won the US election.

Miss BumBum 2017: Contestants dress in ‘beef-kinis’ Latest News

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Miss BumBum 2017: Contestants dress in 'beef-kinis' Latest News


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